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   I Have a BS from University of Georgia (UGA) in Social Science Education, a Masters form UGA as well as a Specialist Degree form Georgia Collage and State University (GCSU) in Social Science Education specializing in Public History. I have received training in Ethnography and phenomenology research from UGA and GCSU as part of my research projects.  As a Educator I have been teaching for 10 years mostly high school World History. I Have completed two program of study in ancient history from the Society of Creative Anachronisms  (SCA) a living history group. Further I am an ordained minister from the Universal Life Church (ULC). Through the ULC if have completed a 40 hours of study to earn a Masters of Wicca.  I have conducted ceremonies and thought classes in Animal Magic and magic item creation as well as other topics for the SCA, Dragon Hills, Fall Fling Festival, and Hawk Fest.  My spiritual journey began many years ago but in the past 10 years my spiritual focus has sharpened. I consider my self to be Otherkin (wolf sole among other things). I follow a Shamanic path practicing the arts of shapeshifting and Skin Walking. I also have experience with other forms of magic such as the use of sorcery to construct animal talismans

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, November 1

3:00pm EDT