Fangcon 2013 has ended
The furriest show on earth!


Knoxville, Tennessee
Well I guess we should start with the basics. I am Voltage Shockring. I am an elemental phoenix that phases with the elements for the type of magic my character uses. Think modern day looking sorcerer and you got me. In Real Life. 28 year old guy working and living life as he can. I am originally from Philadelphia Pennsylvania now living in Knoxville Tennessee.

I am a well known fur in various regions due to my ability to naturally talk to people and ability to play poker. I've been playing since I was 20 first on the internet and then in real life. While I was in Philly I lived with probably some of the biggest furry community poker players and we played together at furmeets We ran games in multiple regions and we tend to play at conventions a lot.

I am a past FWA poker champion Furfright poker champion and just have a love for the game. I tell people that Texas Hold'em is my weakest poker game.... but don't let that fool you.

This year I am actually volunteering my services to run the poker game at Fangcon even though I wish I could be playing in it. I am running the beginner panel on how to play texas Hold'em. Feel free to pull me aside at the convention to say sup and ask how I am doing normally better over a cigarette.